dale forrest

Dale's love of nature and wildlife is what has kept him passionate about photography for over 50 years.  His respect for the wildlife and landscapes that he photographs is evident in all of his photos.    


His consistent search for images has taken him from the mountain ranges of Canada to the blue waters of the Caribbean.  Camping, kayaking and hiking for weeks is his way of gaining inspiration and finding that brief moment when the combination of his surroundings, instincts and experience comes together in a special way. 

In 2010, he began searching the night sky for other images to capture.  He created a tracking system that would track the stars above as the earth is spinning.

Attaching his camera to his "Barn door Tracker"  gave him good results.

After several months of trial and error he was able to capture one of his most popular images.  

GF-print with black mat.jpg


"View of the Milky way"