" Wild Turkey Story "

   The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is one of my favorite places to capture images. On an early morning hike I noticed that these wild turkeys were concealing themselves just beyond the tree line.


 As I watched, I noticed that they were not retreating, but in fact they seemed to be examining me and my movements.  Realizing what a rare opportunity I had stumbled upon I decided to lay down in the grass with my camera ready and waited.

   Within a few minutes I watched in amazement as they cautiously moved from the tree line into the open field.  Not wanting to scare them off,

I sat quietly and watched as they seemed to size me up and move in

closer, almost as if they were studying me.  Afraid that just the sound of my camera would steal the moment I made the decision to just watch for a while.


   But  what happened next, I feel was a once in a lifetime moment.  With military precision and as if on cue these five Gobblers lined up in a perfect, evenly spaced line and looked right at me.

   A second later one turkey kept his eye on me as the others turned to retreat to the woods.  I captured this image of the four.  I realize that this was an extraordinary moment that only lasted 3 to 4 minutes.  I may never see anything like this again.  But that's why I love photography so much.  It's the search to capture that one split second and share it with others.